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Tried all of the diet “trends” over the years? Did all of those efforts only result in gaining your weight back? Why not try a program that has been proven for over sixty years?

Premier Weight Management is a medical-based bariatric practice staffed with friendly, nonjudgmental Physician, Nurse Practitioners, and Nurses. Our program incorporates sensible eating, exercise and dietary counseling, along with enhancement products and medications, and prescription appetite suppressants. You will be provided with sound education and encouragement for lifestyle modifications that will last…. well, a lifetime.

Unlike those fad diets, you will learn techniques to conquer your weight once and for all. Premier Weight Management Center also provides a full line of aesthetic services to meet your skincare needs. Our Certified Nurse Practitioners have extensive advanced training in Botox, Kybella (for elimination of double chin), dermal fillers, chemical peels, and prescription skin care products.

We here at Premier Weight Management Center, invite you to visit our website to find out more information regarding our program’s services, patient testimonials, and how to schedule an appointment. Let’s get started today on being more healthy and happy! Call our caring consultants at any premier location, we have 7 to serve you. 866-563-7553, or visit


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