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In 2018, we saw the resurgence of boxing, an explosion of high-intensity interval training (otherwise known as HIIT) gyms popping up around neighborhoods and advanced wearable technology hitting the market. As the year was ending, we turned our attention to 2019 and look forward to new workout trends.

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“These seven trends are only the beginning. What are you most looking forward to seeing?”

Trend#1 30-minute Workouts

For those short on time, 2019 will work in your favor. Following the path of the popular cycling and HIIT gyms offering compact 50–60-minute classes, you should expect abbreviated versions of these to breeze into strip malls. “I think the days of 1-hour workout classes are dwindling, and short 30-minute sessions, classes and programs will definitely continue to grow as people learn you can get a lot done if you do it the right way, with a lot of intensity and short breaks,” says Ashley Pitt, NASM certified personal trainer.

Trend #2 Streaming Cardio

“With new fitness streaming options coming to market each week and each offering 15–30-day free trials, I predict that people will experiment with a multitude of streaming fitness services before they find the right match,” concurs Frank Benedetto, DPT and board certified in sports and orthopedics. He expects fitness enthusiasts to perform long-time testing and potentially have one cheap, local brick-and-mortar gym membership.

Trend #3 Ninja Warrior Gyms

With the colossal success of the television show “American Ninja Warrior,” look for more local gyms to open following the same format. Ninja Warrior gyms feature an array of physical challenges including the famous warped wall, a vertical ramp that you have to run up and scale to the top.

Trend #4 Multifunction Equipment

Rather than run on a treadmill and then lift weights, look for machines to come to market “offering people the chance to do resistance and cardio work using one contraption,” says Pitt. This saves time, space and money.

Trend #5 Mobile-Friendly

Fitness Studios and Personal Trainers

It would behoove anyone working in the fitness industry, whether you are a personal trainer or boutique studio, to have an app. “I see studios that offer an app to book spots, make payments and cancel classes do really well,” says Alysa Boan, NASM certified personal trainer at and RealFitnessMaven.

Trend 6 Men in Barre

“Barre will start trending for all ages, genders and fitness levels,” says Monica Lam-Feist, ACE certified personal trainer and fitness lead at AlgaeCal. Although popular for a number of years, Lam-Feist foresees barre becoming a less-exclusive workout as people discover its benefits in helping gain flexibility.

Trend #7 Mindfulness Apps

“Although this has been up and coming for a while now, the idea of being mindful is ever-prevalent in our never-stopping lives,” says Caleb Backe, certified personal trainer and health and wellness expert for Maple Holistics. You should anticipate mindfulness and meditation to remain a hot topic and new, quality apps to download that promote this idea of slowing down and living in the present.



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