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Remind your Valentine They're the One for You! ...Or Enjoy the Day to Yourself!

Whether you're planning on spending Valentine's Day with your special someone, your friends or alone, we have accumulated a list to help you make the best out of the holiday!

Spend a Romantic Night Out!

Make your the day truly special with a romantic dinner in our ‘Secret’ Titanic First Class Dining Room! This elegant evening dinner is the perfect way to celebrate with your sweetheart.

The perfect date for Valentine’s Day! Enjoy 10 different local chocolate treats, each expertly paired with wine at The Winery at Seven Springs Park.

Celebrate Valentine’s Day with a selection of music made famous by Frank Sinatra, Nat King Cole, Benny Goodman and other icons at the Bijou Theatre.

Make this Valentine’s Day extra special with a special evening on the Tennessee Riverboat. Enjoy a delicious dinner in one of Knoxville’s most romantic places while you drift down the Tennessee River.

Looking for a different kind of Valentine’s Day date? Try dinner and dance lessons!

A Night in with your Love!

Find a new movie, make some popcorn and cuddle on the couch with your favorite wine

Create something for each other. Buy cheap canvases, brushes and paint at the Dollar Store, Walmart or Hobby Lobby. Set up in a comfortable spot, and spend the evening creating something special for your someone special.

Surprise your Valentine with a homemade meal or make it together! Search online for something new, different-Pinterest is full of great recipes. Having a yummy dinner while in great company.

Put all electronics away and have a game night. Find a new game at the store, or use one you have at home, and spend quality time playing games and laughing with each other for the evening.

Make breakfast in bed for the two of your to enjoy.

Need a few Gift Ideas?

Fresh Flowers:

Something Sweet:

Something Sparkly:

Unique Gift:

Personalized Wine or Whiskey Glass

Handmade Card with Special Note

Treat yourself!

Buy yourself flowers, chocolates, whatever you want!

Give yourself a mini spa night with your favorite face mask, drinks and food.

Order your favorite food- no need to make anything- and watch all your favorite movie.

Go on a solo hike or drive through the mountains.

Make homemade Valentine’s for your friends

Bake something sweet

Go eat at a new restaurant you’ve been wanting to try!

Go golfing with your friends

Simply turn off your phone and do something you enjoy!

Have a quiet night in and read a good book.


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