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Local Music Spotlight: Callista Clark


Every song has a story and at just 17 years old Callista Clark has a lot to say. Like Maren Morris, Jennifer Nettles, Tori Kelly, Ingrid Andress and so many talented singer/ songwriters that paved the way before her, the young songstress wields her creative gifts as both a defense and an instrument of peace as she puts her heart on display with her forthcoming debut collection Real To Me via Big Machine Records.

Blending her love for authentic, timeless classics with the sounds of her Country roots which sprouted from her hometown of Zebulon, Georgia, Clark “puts a fresh spin on soul phrasing” (Billboard). Gearing up to release her debut music, she’s worked with many of Nashville’s leading songwriters including Jonathan Singleton, Laura Veltz, Nicolle Galyon and Emily Shackleton, among others. The proof Clark could hold her own among Nashville’s most prominent is evident in the feisty anthem of “Change My Mind,” the poignant and relatable truths of “Real to Me” and the declaration of confidence in “It’s Cause I Am.”


It’s her ability to be both assertive yet vulnerable and empowering while brutally honest that makes “Real to Me” such an auspicious introduction. Her inspiring videos with which Scooter Braun (SB Projects) and Scott Borchetta (Big Machine Label Group) took notice, have amassed over 65 million views on Facebook and over 6 million views on YouTube.

Get To Know Callista Clark


Pond Fishing, Riding Four-Wheelers, Thrift Shopping, Spending Time Outdoors, Interior Decorating & Clothing

Secret Talent

Can play the ukulele, acoustic guitar, electric guitar, bass, banjo, mandolin, piano, keytar; loves doing hair, makeup & designing clothes

Things you didn’t know

Loves roller coasters, wants to skydive, guilty pleasure; cleaning, grew up on a Christmas tree farm, has a yorkie-poo named rocky, “chain of fools” by Aretha Franklin was the first song she learned to play, would love to learn to speak another language



Dream collab:

Bruno Mars, Luke Combs & Tori Kelly

Style icons:

Jennifer Nettles & Zendaya

Would love to meet:

Ariana Grande, Justin Bieber & Dolly Parton

Netflix show:

New Girl & That 70’s Show

Ice cream:

Cookie Dough


Chick flicks & Disney movies

Bucket list travel:

Australia, Hawaii & Greece

Random Fact

Callista did not talk in school until she was in second grade because she was so shy, but her kindergarten teacher found out she could sing and made her sing Michael Jackson in front of the whole school.



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