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Sweet Nothin’s is a vocal trio consisting of Lisa and Teresa McCarter (The McCarter Twins) and Chip Winter. The McCarters were a sister trio on Warner Bros records from 1987-92. Growing up in the Great Smoky Mountains of east TN they moved to Nashville and after signing with Warner Bros, they had 3 top-10 charted singles on Billboard country charts as well as 4 other charted singles.

After a hiatus from music for 2 decades, the Twins decided it was time to make more music, and in so doing included Lisa’s husband Chip. Harmony is all they have ever known, so with a giant step of faith for each of them, they share lead vocal responsibilities leading to a whole new experience in 3 part harmonies.

Our Story…

A few years ago, a friend of ours suggested we record our own CD, just for ourselves, because we love to sing, and to see if we could do it all on our own. Initially, Chip was all for it, but only in the capacity of helping out. Lisa and Teresa said, “NO! We’re not going to do this unless you sing with us.” Well, we know how that ended up. We started thinking about songs from childhood memories, songs we grew up with, songs that inspired,and influenced our lives. Some, Chip had never heard before much less, knew how they went. As we gathered roughly 20 songs, we started rehearsing them, vocal and harmony arrangements of each song. That was quite interesting due to the fact that we never sang lead!

“It was quite humorous when we’d blow the pitch pipe for the lead note, all of us automatically jumped to the harmony, hence no one was singing lead! Still funny, and we still do that to this day.”

The name, Sweet Nothin’s came about one morning when Lisa was humming and singing the Brenda Lee song Sweet Nothing’s. We feel the Lord lays songs on our hearts and minds for a reason. And, since we didn’t actually have a group name for our trio at that time, we all looked at each other and said “THAT’S IT!” And so it came to be and we feel the name represents us well.

We started sharing some “dashboard video’s” on FB of us singing a capella and people really liked it.

So, we started the initial recording process at our home with musician friends, their referrals, usually evenings and weekends as time allowed. About 4 songs into the project, we were contacted on FB by a photographer/videographer from East Tennessee about doing a DVD/CD project for the Smoky Mountains.

After a few meetings with him, we put some of our songs on hold, and started on new ones. He wanted songs that could represent the Smoky Mountains, history, scenery, tourism and such. Those would include, bluegrass, gospel, traditional country and folk influences. He left the songs and audio production entirely up to us and he would provide the visual to correspond with each song.

And so begins our new journey.


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