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I have many patients ask me, “What is the best way to keep my long term weight loss goals from taking the back seat to my busy family life?”.

t is a question and struggle that almost all of us have had at some point. The best advice that I have is, in one word, “pre-planning”. Yes, planning for the week ahead does take time and thought. As the week unravels, you will be singing your own praises because you were able to conquer time and logistic obstacles with healthy food alternatives. What I recommend to patients is, to grab some snack-sized seal-able bags and divide fruits, vegetables, pretzels, granola, etc. just before the week begins. Measuring out items into these bags provides you with a reasonable portion and you know exactly how many calories you are consuming. This is convenient for side items for a work lunch or for a snack while you play chauffeur to your children’s activity schedules. If you must grab something from fast food or at a restaurant, make good decisions. Choose a side salad instead of fries. Order your sandwich without cheese, mayonnaise, or other high calorie sauces. If there is not an option for a breaded bun substitute, only eat the top or bottom side of the bun. If you order a salad, make sure it isn’t covered with cheese, croûtons, bacon, and/or other high calorie/fat items that sabotage the whole purpose of eating a salad. Make sure the salad has a lean protein on it if it is an entree. Only add small amounts of the dressing to the salad as needed, instead of the whole package. Chances are you won’t even use half of the portion provided to you, and you just saved yourself lots of calories. Small changes add up to big results!

Losing weight or maintaining your ideal weight is something that has to be pursued continually, even when family and work responsibilities demand your time and attention. The process of change and maintenance by means of goal-setting is ever-evolving and takes lots of re-evaluation. In order for something to work for you, it has to be adaptable to your personality, age, preferences, and yes… a busy schedule! Most importantly it is a must to have a support team that can help you along the way. Our team of healthcare professionals at Premier are ready to help you work through your plans to reach your goals. We find nothing more rewarding in our job than seeing our patients achieve their dreams, one goal at a time. Call Premier Weight Management today, and take the first step toward a healthier, happier you!

Article written by Heather Whittemore, FNP-BC. Heather is a Board Certified Family Nurse Practitioner, has a Bachelor’s degree in Psychology with a specialization in behavior modification, and has a diploma in Nutritional Counseling and weight loss. She also has advanced training in all medical aesthetic procedures offered at Premier. She is one the Nurse Practitioners on staff and is excited to help patients achieve their weight loss and aesthetic goals.


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