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A Star is Born in Knoxville

It’s true, a Star has been born in Knoxville. Though, if we’re speaking literally, she was actually born about five hours outside of Knoxville around 23 years ago. That doesn't change the fact that up and coming singer/songwriter Vallie has known for the better part of her life she was meant to be a star.

Ever since she was a little girl, Vallie has created music. She told Hushh she would even hum herself to sleep as a baby.

Her true love and passion for music came from a middle school talent show. As Vallie began singing an acapella version of “Hallelujah,” a song made popular in the early 2000s thanks to “Shrek” and Jeff Buckley, her voice was shaky and off key. Vallie didn’t allow this to keep her down, though. In the middle of her performance, she paused, took a deep breath and began again. Her rocky start didn’t hold her back from bravely trying again. This moment in Vallie’s life is a catalyst for her career and is a metaphor for her entire life --through the rocky times, she takes a breath and retries, over and over again coming back better every time.

After her talent show performance, Vallie got serious about creating music and received an opportunity to release her first album when she was about 16 years old. Although the journey was difficult, she claims this experience really showed her who her true friends were. Through the entire process, her family had her back and although her friends weren’t sure how to support her, they showed up to all the performances and stood behind her.

Did we mention she also graduated high school at 16 years old, while she was releasing her album? Talk about impressive.

If you’ve never heard any of Vallie’s songs, the best way to describe her as a musician, creator or person is “unique.” It’s been said she has essentially created a genre of her own pulling influences from Pop, Indie, Rock and R&B musical stylings into her music.

These influences are very prominent in her new album, “Circumstances.”

The album, releasing everywhere this week on Friday, April 22, 2022, is a beautiful compilation of Vallie’s life stories and struggles. It deals with themes not unknown to the music industry of heartache, anxiety, loss, and grieving, but it also beautifully integrates love and the bravery to overcome, as well. The cover art for the album and each individual song also piece together to create its own unique story-each song is a piece of the beautiful puzzle that is “Circumstances.”

On Sunday, April 24,2022, Vallie will perform her new album at the Five Thirty Lounge located on top of the Hyatt Place Hotel. She invites anyone from the public to attend and celebrate “Circumstances” with her and everyone who has made this new album possible.

Please RSVP if you would like to attend!

You can find Vallie on all social media pages @callmevallie and listen to her music everywhere with code word "Vallie" or on her website.

Watch the YouTube Interview Series with Vallie!



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