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"To Help End Hunger in America"

The XHunger Club, A Scarecrow Foundation Initiative, is the newest and most innovative way that allows high school and college students to attain service hours and help end hunger in America. In addition the XHunger City Clubs allows individuals and businesses the opportunity to help end hunger in America as well. The XHunger Club simply locates a food pantry, understands their mission and then volunteers & supports that pantry. XHunger Clubs are student led and is how service learning is achieved. Service hours are attained on an ongoing basis. America does not need more food pantries, it needs more volunteers and supporters to help people in need of hunger solutions.


Why should anyone in America be hungry?

We began helping existing food pantries in Knoxville on August 27, 2010. We held national aspirations from Day 1, yet knew we needed to gain experience, trust, and credibility. Harry Wade and Jimmy Buckner made an unconventional decision not to raise money for our own needs, rather to operate on a zero budget and inspire an all-volunteer organization to help people in need of hunger solutions. Larry Perry helped us gain 501(c)3 status and CPA Dennis Overton agreed to navigate our compliance obligations with the IRS. Hence, 100% of the proceeds from all of our events and campaigns continues to go directly to the nonprofits we support. We remain to date an all-volunteer charity.

We remain open minded to involve and expand our growing brand to help end hunger. Again, “we” are not going to end hunger, rather we are helping the “existing” food pantries and hunger organizations who are doing the heavy lifting helping those in need of food security. Scarecrow helps the helpers. We are excited about as this national program will motivate Americans to:

• Locate a Pantry • Understand their Purpose • Volunteer and Support

With we look to also expand Xhunger Clubs, build a network of national leadership, expand our brand and keep enjoying the journey while helping those in need of hunger solutions.


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