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The Binti Project

Binti = Daughter

Moshi, Tanzania, like many cities, is home to a red-light district where women and children fall prey every day to sex trade industry. Having been likened to modern day slavery, its victims are dehumanized; no longer regarded as persons they are treated as objects to be bought and sold, forced into prostitution, and subjected to extreme violence.

In developing countries such as Tanzania, women especially get trapped in this vicious cycle often as a last resort in attempts to make a better life for themselves and their children. Once involved, to return “home” is no longer a place of safety and it doesn’t take long for women trapped in this industry to lose all self-worth. For such women, dreams of ever being free, of having a career or a normal life, are hopeless and fleeting.

But there is HOPE...

Vince and Vicki Welch, directors and founders of Project Watu Kamili, inc/ The Binti Project, in partnership with local churches and Tanzanian nationals provide a home to live in and established a place of safety and refuge for women and their children who want to leave the sex trade industry. These women are desperate for a way out. The Binti Project offers what seems out of reach for women in this industry: a new beginning and a place to call home.

We are a house of hope.

By providing food, water, shelter, clothing, medical care and job training, The Binti Project offers these women the basic necessities of a “normal life” we so often take for granted, while reminding them of their dignity as persons.

The program is different depending on the woman; however, it usually spans around two years, sometimes longer. Included in this timeframe is a period of six months to a year of close mentorship for ladies who are starting up new businesses.

There are two main components of the Binti Project: street ministry and a residential program.

Street ministry is what it alludes: evangelism, outreach, prayer, healing and building relationships.

While our residential program provides women, and their children, a new home and fresh start, as mentioned before. This program also provides school fees, uniforms, school supplies, and medical care for the children.

While in the program, women are taught the fundamentals to run a business. They learn how to create things like beautiful jewelry, clothing and quilts. These women are also taught how to keep a business running so they can eventually provide for themselves and their children.

The Binti Project founded by Project Watu Kamili has been serving Moshi, Tanzania for nearly a decade.

Eventually it will reach other countries in Africa and, hopefully one day, beyond.

If you would like to support the Binti Project and their growth, you can donate through PayPal at or send checks payable to Binti Project | 172 Friar Tuck Road |Clarkesville, GA 30523. To give online, scan the QR Code.


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