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Take a break with Sips by Sabrina

I don’t know about you, but there’s nothing more I want in the Spring, than a light, refreshing drink. These drinks usually involve a lighter spirit, citrus, and hints of floral notes. To achieve this flavor, look no further than the Floral Gin Spritz. It’s everything you want on a warm, Summer afternoon.

I’m very lucky to be based in Knoxvillle, where Knox Whiskey Works has created the perfect floral liqueur-Fleur De Vie. This liqueur was created with rose buds, lavender, chrysanthemum, red clover tops, hibiscus, and sweetened with local honey. When mixed with gin, you achieve a beautiful botanical and floral blend. Add fresh lime juice and a bit of orange liqueur, and you’ve created the perfect party cocktail!

Floral Gin Spritz

2 OZ Gin

1 OZ Fluer De Vie

1/2 OZ Cointreau

1/2 OZ Simple Syrup

1/2 OZ Lime Juice

Top with Pelligrino

Garnish with lime wheel

1. Add all ingredients to shaker except Pelligrino.

2. Add ice to shaker and shake for 30 seconds.

3. Add fresh ice to glass

4. Strain into glass and top with Pelligrino

5. Garnish with lime wheel


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