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Sunless Glow

Are you interested in getting a tan, but you don’t want to take the time or risk skin damage? Learn about the many benefits of spray tans.

The first and foremost benefit of spray tanning that everyone agrees on, is the protection from harmful UV rays. It lets your skin maintain that “sun-kissed” glow without risking your health. It’s estimated that one in five American adults will have a skin cancer diagnosis by the time they reach age 70, according to the Skin Cancer Foundation. Ultraviolet (UV) radiation from the sun is a major factor in the development of skin cancer. Repeated exposure over time can damage the skin, resulting in skin cancer as well as wrinkles, discoloration, or noticeable spots.

Limiting sun exposure and wearing sunscreen are easy steps to combating UV damage. But that doesn’t mean you can’t get a healthy glow. Spray tans offer a completely UV-free way to get a golden bronzed look, minus the potentially dangerous rays.

When your body has that bronze glow, it instantly makes your skin look toned and can seem slimmer. Did you know spray tans can hide many imperfections like stretch marks, cellulite, spider veins, and scars.

Along with these skin issues, a spray tan may also help to cover freckles and other slight temporary cosmetic concerns (such as small pimples) - especially on individuals who are extremely pale. Using an expert will make sure you to get a streak-free, even-toned and natural bronze glow.

One of my favorite benefits is the fact you can be “camera-ready” in practically an instant! Sunless spray tanning is such a time saver. I mean who wouldn’t want to have the life where you could just spend hours upon hours laying in the sun to achieve the real thing, but who has the time for that anyway? Plus we all know how tough it is to get that summer glow back after the winters, but with the spray you get that instant gratification!

When we look good, we feel good. The natural glow the spray can give you can do wonders for you mentally. When you have the spray-tanned skin, your skin is enhanced and beautiful, making you happier & more confident to show off that new bikini on the lake or at the beach.

All joking aside- the benefits of spray tanning far outweigh sunbathing and using self-tanning products. Sunless spray tanning from a professional is convenient, safe and completely customized to your choice of color and depth.


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