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Katie Lee is owner of: Knoxville’s My Kind of Lovely Store

Where you’ve seen her: Fashion Blogger of

Fashion Contributor to Fox 43 News

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Spring is in full swing and the beautiful weather provides the perfect time of year to start spending more time out doors. More than likely you’ve already started to get those outdoor party & get-together invites! While the idea of getting dressed to impress is exciting, there are many options, and you may be wondering what exactly is in style this spring that not only makes you look fabulous, but is comfortable to boot!

Style Tips:

Cropped Jeans: I love that the jean trends are finally changing! I haven’t worn skinny jeans in forever it seems like and I kinda love it! Not that I didn’t like them, I think it was definitely just time for a change. I decided to try the trend out with this specific pair. I snagged them a while ago from Old Navy on sale and have been hooked ever since!

RAFFIA SHOES: Ok I snagged these from my friends at Riffraff but these are my new favorite summer shoe! They’re so cute, go with everything and since I love being a little matchy, they go perfectly with my basket bags! -you can get 15% off your order at Riffraff with code PEARLSANDTWIRLS15

BASKET BAGS: I scooped up this basket bag on a whim a few years ago and it was one of my all time favorite bag purchases! Go the easy routs and scoop one of these from Amazon, or have fun with it and try to find a vintage one!

STATEMENT EARRINGS: I’ve been quite the earring girl for a while now but I really love them in the spring and summer! Lisi Lerch has some great ones, but I’m also loving some of our new arrivals at My Kind of Lovely- Knoxville.

FLORAL TOPS: I just love this little top so much! It’s flattering and fun and perfect to wear with all your high waist things! Cute with a fun pair of high waist jeans, with a skirt or cut offs and is such an easy top that can be dressed up or dressed down. I just love it so much!



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