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Bridget Reymond won 1st Place in the Knox Classic 2017 Bikini Open Class F and she'll be competing again this year!

When I was younger, I never would’ve imagined myself stepping on stage in a bikini to compete as a body builder.

I decided to compete for the first time in 2017. After over a year of working at my dad’s store (Eddie’s Health Shoppe), I was inspired by some of the other staff members who had competed in the past, including my dad. I started taking my training and nutrition very seriously, trying to build as much lean muscle mass while losing body fat by monitoring my calorie intake and lifting weights 5-6x a week, often going to the gym twice a day to fit in my extra cardio sessions. The feeling of stepping on stage for the first time was incredible; all the months of hard work and dedication were suddenly worth it. That is the main reason why I am currently preparing for another show this summer, to challenge myself and to bring an even better package to stage this year.


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