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Seasonal Homes

Embrace the winter season and keep your home warm and inviting, the perfect setting poised for the festive season to unfold.

With winter comes a renewed focus on our homes for socializing and cocooning. Whether planning a cosy evening in, entertaining friends, or is anticipation of Christmas festivities just around the corner, take the time to create a relaxed and welcoming mood in your home. Decorating our homes for the winter season and creating a magical mood to combat the winter blues can be one of the most pleasurable activities. So dress your home to impress your guests and bring warmth and opulence to your home.

“Add instant warmth and elegance by swapping your summer cushions and throws for warmer fabrics”

Velvet, tartan, wool or faux fur will look fabulous, cozy and inviting. And add warmth to floors with textured rugs in deep colors.

As the evenings get darker, lighting becomes an even more essential part of making our homes feel more welcoming. Create an ambiance with candles and side lights. The choice of light source is significant for creating ambiance in our home. Luxurious scented candles will enhance the mood even more. During the winter months even gardens can be brought to life with atmospheric lighting. Drape fairy lights over tree branches and hang little lanterns on the low-hanging branches. Large storm lanterns will stop candles being blown out in a breeze.

Forage in the garden too, for dried seed heads and branches. Seed heads look striking in a metal vase or within a floral arrangement of rose hips, berries and evergreens. Mix these with a few pine tree branches for added scent. Vases of evergreens and fragrant herbs like rosemary, dotted around the house will provide decoration and fragrance.

“The biggest focal point of all entertaining at home is undoubtably the dining room”

Here are our tips for how to dazzle your guests with your festive table settings.

If you’re looking to make an impact with you table setting, you can’t beat a striking color scheme. Silvers and golds will create a classy yet classic feel, while purples, teals and blacks will establish a more modern aesthetic. Crisp white table linens and crockery will add freshness and look wonderful when paired with gold candlesticks and metallic ornamental touches.

You can have fun with Christmas tree baubles, too, either hanging pendant-like over the table or scattered among the tableware. Or, for a more dramatic effect, combine hanging baubles with vintage ornaments, elegant candelabras and rich color palettes. If you’re looking for something a little more pared back and sophisticated, minimal tableware and black and gold accents should be just the thing.


Set a party atmosphere and decorate your dining table with glass hurricane lanterns filled with glimmering silver baubles surrounded by plenty of glowing candles. Mix and match Christmas decorations for a laid-back and elegant feel.


Gold and silver at Christmas will never go out of fashion, so choose metallic-edged crockery and mix with classic sparkling glassware. Finish with a white rose and glittering silver bauble at each setting to create a personal touch.


Mix rich jewel tones and gold for a theatrical, glamorous Christmas dining table. Opulent decorations teamed with large purple and blue hydrangeas will wow guests.


Choose a simple white and green color scheme for a natural look. Display foliage and flowers in antique-style bottles for a pretty centerpiece.


For a relaxed Christmas table setting in an open-plan kitchen-diner, go for a pared-down red and white scheme. A simple table runner will fit the festive spirit. Small vases filled with greenery and berries are ideal as low-level table centerpieces.


Impress your guests by dressing your dining room table with a mix of opulent gold and elegant teal. The warming colors will be a contrast to the crisp white winter outside and dazzling fairy lights will continue the comforting glow.


For a sophisticated dining room table setting stick to white linens and a chic dinner set with subtle silver detailing. Continue the glamour with silver crackers and baubles, and ensure there’s plenty of elegant glassware for a smart finish.


Keep dinnerware and glassware simple with elegant white china and clear glassware. A couple of glittering gold accessories will add a touch of sparkle to your dining room, while tall, elegant candles will finish the look beautifully.


Go for a vintage-style Christmas dining room table with distressed and antique-look baubles, delicate glassware and plenty of candlelight. A simple ribbon tied around the back of each chair makes a pretty finishing.


Create an elegant look with minimal tableware and accessories in stylish black and gold. Still sticking with the black theme, you can add fun touches, such as stick-on mustaches to keep the mood jovial.


You can’t beat gems and jewels for livening up a festive dining table. Simply add a wreath to the center of the table and pop a bright jug with a big bundle of evergreen foliage in the middle. Finish off with Jewelled napkin rings to add a touch of bling.


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