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Refresh, Renew

Redecorating a room or an entire house can change the entire feel of the space dramatically. Especially when Summer hits and you want to brighten your home and add splashes of color to boost your mood. Unfortunately an unpredictable economy has made many consumers a little more particular when it comes to spending on home decor. Luckily, Hushh has a few tips for changing elements in a room with a few updated pieces or accessories which can give a room an entirely new look without breaking the bank.


Slipcovers are no longer the amorphous sacks they once were. Slipcovers now come in all different price points. Spending a little more can mean getting a style that is elasticized or form-fitting, which will conform to the contours of a sofa or love seat. This is a simple way to cover up an outdated style of sofa fabric or a chair that has seen better days. Slipcovers also are a good way to protect new couches from damage when there are children or pets in the home.

To get the right slipcover, measure the piece of furniture you intend to cover. Without the correct fit, even a well-crafted slipcover can look awkward and cheap. Pay attention to the material of the slipcover, so you know it will be durable and thick enough to cover an existing sofa fabric pattern.

Knobs and Pulls

Breathe new life into older furniture by changing the knobs, draw pulls and handles. Many times furniture comes with standard brass knobs that can look dated over time. Using sleeker, more streamlined knobs can make traditional furniture look more modern. Changing pulls from metal to wood can make a room look more earthy or country. Home improvement stores and accessory retailers stock a wide variety of handles and knobs that can transform just about any piece of furniture. And what cannot be found in a store can most likely be purchased online.

Paint or Stain

Painting a room's walls a different color can provide immediate results. But furniture also can be painted and stained. Many times older furniture is made from quality wood, not the type of composite or pressboard wood of some less expensive furniture options. That means that finishes can be stripped and replaced with new stains. Turn a dated dresser into something that looks brand new with a new stain color or a coat of paint. Think about painting or staining using foam sponges to reduce the appearance of brush lines.


Swapping out curtains, throw pillows and even wall art can easily and often inexpensively transform the look of a room. Homeowners can purchase accessories with bright colors that add a pop of brightness throughout the room and can provide a pick-me-up for neutral design tones.

Older lamps can be given a new look just by replacing lamp shades. There are many affordable options at discount stores and major retailers.

Area rugs can also transform a room with little effort. Bring in a new color scheme with a different patterned rug and carry the pattern to stairways with runners.

Bare Minimum

Sometimes less is more, and this can also pertain to home decorating. Revamping a room can be done by subtraction as well as addition. Homeowners can explore the option of taking out a piece of furniture that may be cumbersome and blocking foot traffic. Removing knickknacks from shelves and thinning out the use of collectibles can make a room more airy and inviting. Before money is spent on changing furniture or accessories, people can look into what they can remove from the room to freshen it up. Giving a room a new look and feel can be done without breaking the bank.


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