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Recipe: Tarta Sanguina

Ingredients for a 8, 2 x 11, or 8 inch mold


275 g ground almond 175 g honey

115 g grated coconut 4 Tbsp water

120 coconut flour pinch of salt

50 g coconut oil

3 tsp unsweetened cocoa powder


540 g blood orange juice, approximately 6 oranges

16 sage leaves 4-5 large tamarinds

3 large eggs 85 g unsalted butter

175 g sugar pinch of salt

4 1/3 gelatin sheets (8 g)

1 Tbsp hibiscus flowers


blood orange, strawberries, sage leaves, kumquats, edible flowers


Make coconut and almond base. In a large bowl add the ground almond together with the grated coconut, the coconut flour and salt. Mix with a spoon. Add the honey together with the coconut oil and start to integrate the ingredients. We will have to work a little with our hands to g

et the ingredients to amalgamate. Incorporate the cocoa powder and mix. Add the water little by little and integrating at the same time. We will have to get a dough that does not break but without exceeding when hydrated. Transfer the mixture to the mold. Best to do it in small portions. Once we have all the mixture distributed, press with a small glass, small rolling pin or hands to level the mixture.

Preheat oven to 345ºF/175ºC. Bake at medium height for 12 minutes. Remove and place on a rack. Prick the whole base with a fork and let it cool completely, then prepare the blood orange, sage and tamarind cream.

Fill a bowl with very cold water and put the gelatin sheets inside to hydrate them. We must do it 15 minutes before using them. Squeeze the blood oranges to obtain the juice. Pour into a blender and add the chopped sage leaves together with the tamarind flesh. Blend until a homogeneous texture is obtained. Set aside.

Add the butter in a medium saucepan and heat to medium low. Let it melt completely. Pour the orange juice together with the sugar and eggs. Cook to medium heat without stopping stirring, this way we will avoid it sticking to the bottom of the saucepan and forming lumps.

Cook stirring constantly until the mixture reaches 181,4ºF/83ºC, for accurate results use a digital thermometer. It is important that the mixture does not reach boiling point. It will take about 10 minutes, so patience! Remove from the heat and add the hibiscus flowers.

Let the mixture stand and reduce its temperature to 131º-122ºF/55º-50ºC. Strain the mixture through a strainer or sieve to remove solids. Drain the gelatin sheets and add to the mixture. Whisk until completely dissolved. Pour over the baked base and place in the fridge. Let it solidify completely, ideally let it rest overnight.

Decorate the tart just before serving so that the fruit and flowers are fresh. Place blood orange slices, strawberries, sage leaves, slices of kumquats and edible flowers. Serve and enjoy, of course! ;)


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