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Organize Your Home and Save!

Everyone has a different relationship to organization. For some it comes naturally and is even an ongoing process. However, for most people, it’s a chore or a challenge you keep telling yourself you’ll get to when you have the time. Getting your home organized can do more than just improve the feel of your space–it can save you money. Here experts weigh in with nine tips for organizing your home and saving money in the process.

Organize Your Pantry and Kitchen

A common area for waste is in the kitchen, says Sarah Jameson, Marketing Director for Green Building Elements. “You may help prevent some of this waste by organizing your kitchen, especially your refrigerator and pantry.” She suggests making everything visible and accessible, whether through clear bins or labels, so you know what you have. As a result, you don’t overbuy and are less inclined to let food expire. “Any money you save on groceries helps you stretch your monthly budget,” adds Susan Smith, Manager at Velden Engineering. “Keep track of product expiration dates and make meal preparations appropriately.”

Buy Organizers in Neutral Colors

If you’re going to invest in organizing items such as bins, shelving, racks, do so in neutral colors, says cleaning and organizing expert, and owner of Practical Perfection, Michelle Hansen. “Teal might be your favorite color as of now, but realistically, design styles change over time. If you buy organizers in bright colors, you’ll most likely need to buy new organizers down the road when you want to change the look of your space. Neutrals eliminate that extra expense.”


Once you begin to declutter, you’ll have a number of things that can be donated to places such as The Goodwill or Salvation Army, where you can receive a tax deduction for your donations, says professional home organizer, Amy Bloomer, Founder of Let Your Space BLOOM, LLC. Donating can be more effective even than selling, Bloom says. “Generally speaking, most of my clients find the opportunity cost of time involved in selling items outweighs the amount they might get from the sale. Donations are usually the least time consuming and most economical.”

Sell Items

If you do have the time and energy to sell items you’d like to get rid of, this can obviously make you money, says Lailani Gachalian, a professional home organizer and Owner of Joy & Bliss Organization. “As you declutter, you will decide which items are best discarded, donated, and worth the time to sell. Remember the goal is to get rid of your unwanted items as quickly as possible. If you want to try to sell everything, [then] a yard sale is the fastest way to make money and declutter…”

Once Organized, Stay Organized

If you’ve gotten yourself organized, try to stay organized, says Aya Bradley, home design, indoor plant and DIY Editor at The Golden. “Staying organized is a great mental motivator…a clutter-free home makes you feel a lot better. By this process, you won’t be making purchases as you used to, which will help you save a lot of money.”



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