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Lover’s Leap Loop Trail Hot Springs NC

The Lover’s Leap Trail offers a dramatic view of the French Broad River and the town of Hot Springs. It ascends onto a rocky bluff overlooking the French Broad directly across from town. It highlights not only the rugged beauty of the valley, but also the biological diversity that the area is well known for. The trail is a short walk from downtown, so the best parking can be found right in town. As you cross the resort, then the French Broad and then ascend onto the rocky promontory, you can see most of the major features the area is known for.

This hike is easily accessible. Park in any of the convenient public parking areas in downtown Hot Springs, walk to Bridge Street and turn towards the railroad tracks. The A.T. follows Bridge Street through town as you walk past the famous naturally warm mineral waters of Hot Springs Resort and Spa.

Lover’s Leap Trail offers a dramatic view of the town and French Broad River. As it ascends onto a rocky bluff, you can view the rugged beauty of the valley and the biological diversity for which the area is well known. Look for Canada Geese on the lawn, and hawks and even eagles soaring overhead. Cardinals, Song Sparrows, Chipping Sparrows, Robins, Orchard Orioles, House Finches, House Sparrows, Starlings, Pigeons, Chimney Swifts and Rough-winged Swallows also abound.

Rio Dòce Gem Mine

Located just off the beautiful Blue Ridge Parkway in Spruce Pine, North Carolina the Rio Dòce Gem Mine is an amazing adventure for all ages!

Rio Dòce Mine

14622 Hwy 226 S Spruce Pine NC 28777


Cairn 3D Adventure Sandals

The lovechild of Freedom and Support, Cairn 3D features our most advanced footbed to date. From our award-winning Cairn design, we’ve added a sculpted footbed that is secure, lightweight, and loaded for the long haul.

Appalachian Trail Mile Marker 271

152 Bridges Street

Hot Springs, NC 28743


Sunday-Thursday 9am-5pm

Friday & Saturday 9am-6pm


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