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New Ways to Preserve Memories

Do you want to preserve the memory of an older family member? How can technology be used to preserve memories?

No matter who you are, rich and famous or otherwise, your memories and your family history and records are important. Your memories, your life experiences, and the way you live your life are what makes you who you are. The older you are, the more valuable your memories and your life story become. An increasing number of young adults today are taking the time to archive their family history. And they’re also discovering new ways to preserve memories.

Today’s technology allows us to take traditional family record keeping a step further. With many online websites, tools, and software available, you can now leave a permanent digital legacy online, which can include your photos as well as any audio or video recordings.

Some families have chosen to create a family website that can be added to over the years. This website can be managed by a few designated people and accessed by family members to view when desired. When new children are born, they can be added to the online family tree. When you take a trip, you can upload selected photos to add to your family history.

An online digital legacy also includes your social media accounts, websites, blog posts, and articles as well as any comments you have posted and any comments that others have posted about you. These are your digital assets, or your digital footprint. So, if you’re already actively posting online, then creating a full online digital legacy is the next logical step.

Here are some additional creative and unique ideas to preserve your family memories.

• Collect recipes and print a recipe book.

• Craft a shadow box of three-dimensional items.

• Sew a quilt or blanket from old t-shirts.

• Use a photo scanning service to upload your

photographs for digital scrapbooking.

• Create an Instagram or Facebook photo album.

• Hunt down memorabilia you may have had as a kid.

The best way to store original family documents, papers, and photographs is to control the environment in which they are stored. Taking the time to store your memories properly will ensure that they are in good condition for future generations.

With the best intensions, many people have inadvertently caused permanent damage and deterioration to their documents. Go to our website and see the full article to learn the do’s and don’ts of storing your family’s artifacts.


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