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Leukemia & Lymphoma Society: Man of the Year

The Leukemia & Lymphoma Society (LLS) is the world’s largest voluntary health agency dedicated to blood cancer. The LLS mission is to: cure Leukimia, lymphoma, Hodgkin’s disease and myeloma, plus improve the quality of life for patients and their families. Each year LLS conducts a Man & Woman of the Year fundraising campaign. We take a moment with this year’s Man of the Year candidate Alan Cottrell to learn how he came to support LLS and why he continues to raise awareness for their cause.

Hushh: How did you become involved with the LLS/MWOY Campaign?

Alan: One of my fellow realtors, Lynn Liu, was the LLS Woman of the year in a recent campaign. She nominated me after we discussed the process. My daughter, Delena Webster, immediately agreed on my behalf. So, she “immediately” became my campaign chair person.

Hushh : Do you have a direct connection to LLS?

Alan : We all know folks that have been diagnosed. After agreeing to be a part of this, I became aware of so many folks in my life that have suffered from these blood cancers, lymphomas, leukemia, and so much more.

Hushh : Is there someone in particular that comes to mind?

Alan : This is considered to be primarily a childhood disease. When I was 15, I had a cousin that was diagnosed with leukemia. I had no idea what that meant other than this cheerleading, tomboy young lady suddenly disappeared from my life. I remember visiting her at the hospital. She seemed completely healthy and normal to me. We talked and laughed while our moms talked in the hallway. I asked mom on the way home what was wrong with Marquanne? She told me that she had a rare disease, and it was attacking her body from the inside. A few weeks later she was gone. I had never lost anyone that close to my age. You expect for older people to pass, but not anyone your age. I will never forget that brief conversation with a young, beautiful girl in the hospital that seemed completely normal and healthy, then she was gone.

Hushh : What have you learned about the LLS organization?

Alan : There are many cancer assistance organizations. LLS has had tremendous success in research and drug trials that benefit so many cancers and diseases. To have even one successful trial approved by the FDA is big deal. LLS has been a part of 14 successful trials in the last year or so—an amazing feat! This has resulted in help and funding for many cancers across the board. The money raised here helps with that research funding as well as assisting local families and patients with care, transportation, and comfort care. The organization is volunteer staffed, so all of the monies raised for this campaign remain in our area and help local families.

Hushh : How can people support your efforts?

Alan : Every dollar matters. The link below provides an opportunity for everyone to give directly. We also have several events scheduled – Reverse Raffle, The Grand Gala and Silent Auction, Golf Tournament at Egwani Farms and more. If someone prefers, checks can be mailed to us made payable to The Leukemia Lymphoma Society or LLS.

To participate visit online at:

To register for the Egwani Farms Golf Tournament (individually or foursome), or to donate & participate in the Reverse Raffle with a $100 donation (over $10,000 in prizes), contact Alan directly by text, email or phone.

Alan Cottrell | 865-254-4648 cell

The Alan Cottrell Group, Keller Williams Realty

2021 Girl of the Year: Josie Fellers

Josie was diagnosed with AML in April 15, 2020, just a month before her high school graduation. She had been accepted into the College of Communications at the University of Tennessee for the fall of 2020, and she was half way through the tryout process for the UT Dance Team, a lifelong dream that she had worked very hard toward achieving. In an instant, everything changed and life was put on hold as she was immediately admitted to East TN Children’s Hospital to begin four rounds of intense chemotherapy over the next five months. In total, Josie spent more than 80 nights in the hospital and required numerous blood and platelet transfusions. Josie went into remission after round 1 of chemotherapy. She is now working toward regaining her physical strength and just began classes at UT last month. She still hopes to tryout for UT Dance Team this spring. Josie and her family are excited to share her story and be the 2021 Girl of the Year.

2021 Boy of the Year: Dalton Brown

Dalton was diagnosed with High Risk B-Cell ALL, a type of leukemia, May 1, 2020. He is 15yrs old and in the 10th grade at J. Frank White Academy in Harrogate, TN. Dalton has had some struggles with treatment at times but continues to smile and light the good light. He loves playing basketball as a point guard or on the wing. He enjoys Math and his dog Daisy. He loves pizza and Cool Ranch Doritos and playing video games. Dalton and his family are happy he is the Boy of the Year and to share their story for the campaign and LLS.


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