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Meet the lovely lash fairy of Vivify Salon, Heather Tackett.

Heather has been a licensed cosmetologist since she was 18. “I started out doing hair and nails for the first couple of years, then just nails for the next 24 years. I competed on a national level in nail competitions in the late 90s, and had my nail art publish in Nails magazine many times.”

She has owned 3 other salons over the years with her mom, Marlitt. First was Just imagine in Oak Ridge (she sold it but it is still in business), Talons Hair and Nail Boutique in Oak Ridge and Salon Performance in Jacksboro, TN. After 18 years doing nails, 60 plus hours per week, she developed carpal tunnel in both hands and had to cut back on the number of clients she could do in a week.

Heather became a Realtor while operating her nail business. When she remarried to her current husband, Ray, he was a real estate broker as well, so they bought Rocky Top Realty when it closed all offices and had only their location in Andersonville, TN for 5 years, where she was the principal broker after her husband’s father passed away and Ray had to go run his dad’s machine shop. It became too much for her to run it and work in the salon, which was her passion, so they sold it to one of her agents.

At the same time they sold it, 2 weeks later, she bought the salon here in Knoxville [it was Capelli Bella at the time] and she was renting 2 rooms from the owners for nails and lashes. “Their lease was coming up in 2 weeks and they asked if i wanted to buy the salon because they weren’t going to continue. So i did, and remodeled and expanded and started my training program for lash artists. I have been doing lashes now for 6 years.”

“I have been multi certified by 5 lash companies, Xtreme lash basic, advanced and volume (I was the first volume lash artist in Knoxville, 2nd in the state at that time), Flawless lashes by Loretta volume and mega volume and advanced certified, The Lash Institute in London mega volume certified, Mia Lash advanced certified, and Revolashion mega volume certified.

Heather has become the expert in her field and has even created her own line of lash extensions called “Dolly Lash” and her own adhesive. Plus she has trained and launched lash careers for 16 lash artists. Some have worked at Vivify Salon, some just trained.

So if you want the best, qualified, certified and all around amazing Lash experience, schedule your appointment today. Visit


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