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K is for Cookie

I know, I know, K- for cookie? Are you “Kooky”? Sorry folks, I couldn’t help it! But that’s just what these cookies bring out in me- my kooky cookie loving side!

When I first found Kooky cookies, they were an online orders only company who just happened to be here in Knoxville (and lucky for me let me pick them up rather than shipped). And let me tell you, once you’ve had a Kooky cookie, you won’t want anything else!

These cookies are a meal in and of themselves. So rich and decadent and the flavor combinations are as amazing as the story of how they came to be!

Margarita McClure is founder of Kooky Cookies, a minority and woman-owned gourmet stuffed cookie company. She’s a wife, mom of four, serial entrepreneur, and a passionate carb pusher.

From Weight Loss Coach to Diet Saboteur! Prior to the pandemic, she worked as a successful health coach and serial entrepreneur (founder and owner of Blueberry & Me cloth diaper company which recognized by the Tennessee Small Business Development Center as its 2012 Rising Star for business excellence).

“COVID-19 really turned things topsy-turvy, and I wanted to help make the world a little sweeter, so I started my (second) cookie business Kooky Cookies! A lot of us have put on weight during the pandemic, so if we’re going to eat our feelings, I wanted to create a cookie worth those calories. (No judgment or shame - it’s been rough!)”

Kooky Cookies are not your average cookies, in fact, they are remarkable and some may even say kooky! Baked fresh every day, you’ll bite into the crunchy outer layer to find a soft, gooey and delicious stuffed center. We baked all of our cookies with natural ingredients, no artificial flavoring, coloring, or preservatives. (So yes, you can have more than 1).

Our cookies are baked fresh to order and shipped the same day with 2 day delivery. We take pride in ensuring your cookies arrive as fresh as the day they slid out of the oven.

We offer 3 different Kooky cookies: Stuffed Cookies, Drop Cookies, and Allergy-Friendly Cookies.

Kooky Cookies

Come visit us at our new storefront! We're located at 10710 Kingston Pike, Knoxville, TN 37934. We're across the street from Costco, and right beside Gold's Gym. Store hours are Tuesdays-Saturdays from 11 am-6 pm.

Hushh’s Top Cookie Picks

Mer-Mer’s Bakery

617 N. Gay Street

Knoxville, TN 37917

Mer Mer’s Bakery opened its doors in1998 with the idea of serving its’ famous family pound cake and other favorite homemade recipes. Mer Mer’s was well received from the moment they opened the doors.

It’s a whole family affair including grandchildren getting in learning the trade. With the success of Mer-Mer’s and close connections, Chandra started Sweet Confections, is a supply house for bakers and decorators. They also offer cookie decorating and various classes for all ages. Follow them on Facebook!

Whimsy Cookie Company

4927 Kingston Pike

Knoxville, TN 37919

Whimsy Cookie Company began in 2007, by Founder & Co-Owner, Laurie Suriff. Laurie grew up baking alongside her mother, and her secret sugar cookie recipe was always Laurie’s favorite. Laurie’s husband needed a creative Christmas gift for his clients one year, and Laurie mentioned she could make them all custom cookies. The response from these were so overwhelming that she began getting requests from friends and family. From this success Laurie decided to start Whimsy Cookie Company out of her kitchen.

Moonshine Mountain Cookies

Originally created in 1988 here in Knoxville, their base recipe was formulated for their pizza delivery store as a promotion. The response was overwhelmingly positive as customers immediately started calling the store requesting more of their delicious cookies. From that point the cookies found their way into many private parties, gift boxes, bible study groups, and catered celebrations from Knoxville to Nashville. Finally, after many years and much urging from friends & family, Moonshine Mountain Cookie Company was formed. 

Their distinctly delicious gourmet cookies are handcrafted in small batches using only the finest ingredients to insure your complete satisfaction. And some of their special recipes even include a splash of original Tennessee moonshine, giving those cookies that special taste that you can’t find anywhere else. They say the process of making their cookies in a micro-bakery environment is “hard work, but we don’t do things the easy way, because we think you, our customers, are well worth the effort”. Now serving Knoxville with 2 stores, corporate clients & events in Nashville, and offering nation wide coverage with online ordering.

Our Locations


7343 Kingston Pike

Knoxville, TN 37919

(Just East of West Town Mall, across the street from Chili’s)


10205 Kingston Pike

Knoxville, TN 37922

(Just past Pellissippi Pkwy heading west, next to FedEx)

Alpine Cakery

10551 Kingston Pike

Knoxville, TN 37922

We start baking before the sun rises each day to ensure that every batch is as fresh as possible before it gets to you. We are proud to source and support our local products as much as possible. From eggs to fruits and veggies we prefer to buy local. We work with local suppliers to source the freshest and most authentic ingredients, and use old-fashioned techniques to ensure the highest quality. Our goal is to make your taste buds happy! Most days you’re sure to see one of our West Knox neighbors grabbing a dozen cupcakes for the home or office. Come by and say hi and let us help with your Holiday baking needs!

Marble City Sweets

9307 Kingston Pike Suite B, Knoxville, TN 37922

Marble City Sweets is a small family-owned custom cake and gourmet dessert bakery. Everything is made 100% small batch, from scratch, and we are known for our over the top custom orders! Right now you can pre-order our “12 Days of Cookies Advent Calendar”, pickup is Dec. 10th only. We also have cookie kits, platters for catering or corporate gifts, bakery style cookies, decorated cookies or our delectable Macarons which are sure to be a hit!

Myrtles Bakehouse

333 W Depot Ave Suite 110, Knoxville, TN 37917

“Big enough to share, but you don’t have to”. You may have come across them at a farmers market, event or pop up at a local cafe but you can always find them inside Knoxville’s newest food hall, Marble City market. Our current favorite is the

Couch Potato- This cookie features just about every topping we’ve ever put into a cookie PLUS potato chips! I’d list them all but for some reason I’m feeling kinda lazy, like a total couch potato.

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