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It's That Time Of Year Again...

when we all start thinking about summertime, warm weather, cookouts and bathing suits.

Most of you cringe at the thought of the last notion. I know you want to make amazing things happen to your body before you have to get into that dreaded bathing suit. Exactly what would be the picture of your ideal self by the pool? Trimmed down a couple pounds, less cellulite, toned and exuding inner confidence? As you ponder the ideal, think of being the BEST YOU, whatever that is and not determined by social media or celebrities. How do you do that? It’s not by crash dieting, lotions to make the cellulite go away or working out tirelessly seven days per week like you are training for that special event that we will all be attending (summer that is). The best you should be one that adopts healthy lifestyle choices all year long. This includes eating sensibly, getting enough rest, exercising for overall health and just making good decisions about what is best for you. When you are doing this, you can slip into that bathing suit feeling confident that you are at your best. It doesn’t matter if you are a size 14 or size 2. Striving for being the best version of you is all that matters. Do you need help starting down the path of health? At Premier, we have the expertise to guide you every step of the way. We offer this through nutritional and exercise counseling, being a support system, providing options to help suppress your appetite and services to refresh your outer beauty. We offer all of this with through professional knowledge and a partnership with you. This summer, we want you to thrive as the best version of you. Call us today to start your journey of being the best you! Premier Weight Management Center, LLC (866)563-7553

Article written by Heather Whittemore, FNP-BC. Heather is a Board Certified Family Nurse Practitioner, has a Bachelor’s degree in Psychology with a specialization in behavior modification, and has a diploma in Nutritional Counseling and weight loss. She also has advanced training in all medical aesthetic procedures offered at Premier. She is one the Nurse Practitioners on staff

and is excited to help patients achieve their weight loss and aesthetic goals.



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