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Spoiled Pups: Summer's Hottest Pup Accessories

We all know that one friend who spoils the paws off their furry best friend... maybe you’re one of them or wish you could do the same.

We’ve scoured for the “Hottest” dog accessories for this summer!


We came across this fantastic little website- and it’s filled with cute, funky & fun outfits and more!

The head and jaw are adjusted with elastic bands. Comfortable to wear and are not easy to fall off.

The Foggy Dog proudly handcrafts our products in the USA. And of course, every order helps a shelter pup in need.

Poo Bag Pouch - $9

This company is family business that designs and sews handmade people & pup items. Pictured is the Daisy May Poo Bag Pouch.

Farmer’s Market Set of 7 - $75

7 toys made to stimulate your pup with a variety of fun elements, sound, snuffle pockets and texture! Find a HUGE selection of the cutest luxury apparel & more at *They even have a seasonal box subscription!



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