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Introducing Melissa Rogers

By: Alyssa B. Martin

Melissa Rogers, owner of mRm Creations, has been an artist most of her life.

At the age of 19, she found herself drawn to the vivid, bright colors she saw around her in art museums. As she formed relationships and studied jewelry, she developed a very different style from other artists and peers around her. She began dedicating her craft to being more innovative with glass work and continually evolving with the changing styles and fads of fashion, while incorporating fun, vivid colors.

When making a piece of jewelry, Rogers tries to make a timeless piece for any occasion-from casual to dress, golf wear to everyday outfits. She believes she makes jewelry everyone can enjoy. When asked, she even creates custom pieces to express who someone is or what they’ve been through.

Although she began her career in East Tennessee, she has lived all around the country, selling her jewelry in boutiques along the way. Recently, she and her husband have moved back to East Tennessee. As she finally settles back into her roots, Melissa is thrilled and thankful to have a shop in Painted Tree Boutiques, which opened August 6th off Kingston Pike in Knoxville.

”I’ve sold all over the U.S., and I am happy to now sell in one little space.”

Her booth is F18, which is located right in the middle of the store. She strives to keep her jewelry affordable while looking good and wearing well.


The quickest way to add style to any outfit is with a unique piece of jewelry!

“[At Rio Dòce,]we have a nice selection of Amethyst Cathedrals, Quartz Crystals, Gemstone Eggs & Balls, fossils and much more! Our experienced staff will work with you to create a life time piece. Settings in 14k Gold or Sterling Silver. We are nestled in the heart of the Blue Ridge Parkway just off the parkway at Mile Marker 331.”

Rio Dòce Gem Mine

14622 Hwy. 226 South Spruce Pine, NC 28777



PROTOCERATOPS Black Ceramic Beveled Men’s Wedding Band with Coprolite Fossil Inlay - 8mm. Listed at $240 but prices will vary.

Fountain City Jewelers

2802 Essary Dr, Knoxville, TN



Beautiful hand-blown glass bead and leaf design earrings, perfect for fall! Check out these and other designs at mRm Creations now in The Painted Tree’s brand new location on Kingston Pike.

mRm Creations

9630 Kingston Pike

Knoxville, TN 37922


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