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Holiday parties are starting to begin and our

Holiday Cheermeister, Brent Williams, has created some delicious libations to enjoy!

Christmas Candy

2 ounces of captain Morgan spiced rum

2 ounces blueberry purée

1 tablespoons apple cider vinegar

1/2 lemon

1 ounce simple syrup

Fill with sprite or soda

Served on ice in a 12 to 16oz glass

This concoction will be the “star” of your holiday party with it’s sweet & sour starburst-like flavor!

When you think rum drinks, you’re usually thinking tropical, frozen, and full of sugar. However, this blue delight is a slice of flavor in any weather without completely ruining the Keto diet.

The Captain Morgan along with the blueberry lends more of a warm spiced flavor to the smoothness of the blueberry. Most of you might gasp at the thought of adding vinegar to a beverage; however, just a touch of the apple cider vinegar along with the lemon allows an explosion of flavor without adding artificial flavoring or a ton of added sugar. Mix masters can vary the amounts of simple syrup and/or sprite vs soda to determine their own personal sweetness levels.

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