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These places have us HOOKED!

Do you enjoy the occasional sushi roll, or maybe some fresh fish, but absolutely do not want to be involved with the whole do-it-yourself? Have no fear- Hushh is here! We have tried and tested a few local Knoxville restaurants and picked the best catches around! Don’t take our word for it- try for yourself!

It’s hard to pick one thing from Harvest land, sea, & vine! Not only do they take care to give exceptional quality and experience, they change their menu based on seasons so they use truly the freshest ingredients and new experiences! Something here lately I’ve been enjoying is their Board options! From caviar to Oysters on a half shelf or Lowcountry Rockefeller, plus tradional Board options, it makes a great time with friends or that special someone! *Side note- their brunch Appalachian Shrimp & Grits I could eat at every meal!!

From the experienced sushi lover to the first time trier, there’s a sushi roll for everyone at Anaba Japanese Cuisine! I have never been a fan of sushi- thinking of eating raw fish, um not my style, which is why I was so happy to find out they have “Warm rolls” with cooked seafood options! My personal favorite is the Spider Roll which is deep fried soft-shell crab, avocado, cucumber and greens with smelt roe, served with ponzu sauce. Mmmm

From Season Innovative Bar & Grille’s New Winter Menu, Southern Wild Caught Gulf Shrimp appetizer on a bed of braised collard greens with a mustard seed aioli and julienne prosciutto is our new favorite! Love the atmosphere and a great place to unwind after a day of shopping the bustling Turkey Creek Shopping area!

You can’t make everyone happy- you’re not a taco! Well, Firebirds Wood Fired Grill nows how to make you happy- even if it’s not happy hour! They have incredible Tuna Street Tacos witAvocado-lime slaw & charred corn salsa on the their Firebar Menu.

And don’t forget to order a lemonade- every lemonade ordered they donate $1.25 to “Alex’s Lemonade Stand, a charity focused on fighting childhood cancer!

Call them Low Country Boils, Cajun Boils, Frogmore Stew or whatever…they are simply good eating! The Shrimp Dock is a “one-stop-shop” destination for shrimp boils. They will even gladly offer you the loan of a 60 or 80 quart pot and burner stand to customers who purchase their ingredients from them! And me being from Florida, growing up fishing the East Coast, I’ve had some really great fish from the Shrimp Dock- and love to talk recipes!

Mermaid. Now that I have your attention.... Not only do I love the decor at The Brass Pearl (mermaid bar), but their Fisherman’s Stew speaks to my soul on a cold, grey Tennessee winter day. I couldn’t get enough of that broth. Rich, spicy, and tomato-y. The perfect bite was some of the broth with the chargrilled bread.

Dinner is in the bag with the Storming Crab! You can mix & match or just buy by the pound. They have Green and Black mussels, scallops, snow crab, blue crab, dungeness crab, crawfish, white clams & so much more! Every bite seasoned to perfection, Ça c’est bon!

Try something new and exciting this month at KOYO. Their winter menu has something for everyone to enjoy, we can not get enough of the new Chilean Seabass with cauliflower puree, golden beets and squash, & black garlic reduction. You must give it a try!

Let’s get crabby! Start your dinner off right with these hand stuffed mushrooms - with crab! Chesapeake’s is the House of Seafood, and no matter what you order you will swim away happy!

Bang Bang Fish is a CLASSIC of Bonefish Grill! Whether alone or on a taco, your mouth with thank you for that spicy, creamy delicious breaded shrimp!


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