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Drink Recipe: 9 to 5

A Mocha espresso drink that will make sure you have the tasty get up and go before, during, or after the “workday”. Serve hot or cold, this drink is liquid gold for any coffee lover!


1 Tbsp chocolate sauce

1 oz vanilla vodka

1oz Godiva chocolate liquor

.5 oz Kahlua

3 oz espresso

Blend the chocolate sauce, vodka, Godiva chocolate liquor & Kahlua together.

To Serve Hot:

Make your espresso, pour into your favorite coffee mug & add the blend.

To Serve Cold:

Make your espresso and mix with the blend, pour over ice.

This drink will get you motivated to “get er done”, just try to keep from hogtying your boss.

Brent Williams is this drink’s creator. He is a master mixologist. Visit him at Surin of Thailand and enjoy this Dolly Delight!


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