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Cooper's Cove

by Greta Harless

This is a highlight of a very long journey for an extraordinary young woman (I am calling her young since we are the same age), whom I’ve had the pleasure of calling friend. Renee’s story begins like most; growing up, going to college, getting married, having kids and so on. However it is her passion for people that leads us here.

My name is Renee Fuson and I am a managing partner of Cooper’s Cove. I am a wife to Lance and a mother to Logan, Sydni and Cooper. For many years I have enjoyed planning, decorating and hosting events and parties. I love to entertain and help families make wonderful memories for themselves. I believe that it is important to bring people together and celebrate life. Cooper’s Cove is the perfect setting for any event. It is a place where families can gather and feel relaxed and at home.

A few years ago, Renee, her husband, Lance and their little family embarked on a new chapter of life and started a venue nestled in the foothills of East TN in a little place called Townsend. A quiet cove at the base of the Smoky Mountains. Named for their youngest son Cooper, Cooper’s Cove becomes a reality. They have put a personal touch on each part of Cooper’s Cove from Sydni’s Point, named for their daughter, an additional outdoor wedding site with a majestic view of the Great Smoky Mountains or Logan’s Lodge, named for their oldest son, where you can relax before your wedding or celebration. Renee said, “The way I always describe Cooper’s Cove is, peaceful.” That statement would not be surprising to anyone who knows Renee. From childhood she has always sought out peacefulness and wanted everyone around her to feel comfortable. I would be safe to say that is what drew them to this beautiful landscape.

Once a definite extrovert she is now happiest to be behind the scene elevating others to fulfill their dreams and make spectacular memories. I hope one day soon Renee has the time to sit down and tell her story, I know it is one worth sharing.

So if you are someone that is looking for an intimate venue for celebrations, from birthdays to your wedding day, I know a little place called Cooper’s Cove that you would feel most welcome. Let’s talk about your special day! 865.448.3960 •

125 Townsend Park Road • Townsend, TN 37882


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