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Breath of Fresh *Local* Art

Since the pandemic began, we have seen an emergence of unique handmade artwork that has hit all time highs of popularity.

From stickers to handmade jewelry and even tees (yes, that’s art, too), here are some of our favorites from local artists.

Check out their websites or Etsy shops and support local!

Franco's Art Shop

Maryville Artist:

Find his artwork on Instagram and Facebook.

Alison Joselyn Art

Follow her artwork on Facebook and Instagram.

Knox and Sparrow

Follow Knox and Sparrow on Facebook and Instagram.

Lucy Lieu Co

Lucy Lieu Co

Beautiful Hand-Stamped Necklaces, jewelry made from real leaves, flowers & ferns, and more.

Follow Lucy Lieu Co on Facebook and Instagram.

That Clay Girl Co

Follow That Clay Girl Co on Facebook and Instagram and YouTube.

Art of Coming Alive

Follow Art of Coming Alive on Facebook and Instagram.

Merc 865

Home to dozens of local makers! Check out who’s in store at the Pinnacle in Turkey Creek: 11367 Parkside Dr, Knoxville, TN 37934 and follow them on Facebook.

Freckled Flamingo Co

Follow Freckled Flamingo Co on Facebook and Instagram.



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