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We take a look at one of our favorite rafting companies and all the fun they have in store for you summer adventure plans!

Ocoee River Rafting is our specialty. The Ocoee River is a whitewater GEM located in southeast Tennessee, Loaded with Class III and IV whitewater.


“Are we gonna do THAT?” It’s the same question out of everyone who comes face to face with The Classic Middle Ocoee River Adventure for the first time. Seasoned whitewater rafters just sit back with a grin on their face as the bus continues on to the put-in below the dam at Ocoee No. 2 on Highway 64. These folks already understand the thrill of whitewater.

Excitement around every corner!

It all starts with a little rapid called Grumpy’s that is either going to start your trip off on the right foot OR remind you how important it is to paddle together with your boat mates. After a little team huddle, your crew will enjoy the eye-opening ledges of Broken Nose, the rolling waves of Slice and Dice and the fun little hole we call Second Helping.

Everyone enjoys a good Indian story around Moonshoot and the drops at Double Suck will wake you back up as you prepare for your photo opportunity at the infamous Double Trouble. These three standing waves are guaranteed to make you shriek in delight.

The Classic Middle Has Lots Of Surprises. The halfway point brings along the quarter-mile stretch called the Doldrums and the opportunity to relax and catch your breath before heading on down to Tablesaw and Diamond Splitter – two back to back Class IV rapids so no lilly dippin.’ Ride those waves at Western Flyer and see if you can get slung around in Slingshot right down to Cat’s Pajamas. No one is quite sure how this rapid was named as we have never seen a cat wearing pajamas.

And for the big finale… Hell’s Hole and Powerhouse Rapid. This awesome Class IV hole hides underneath the bridge which connects to TVA’s Ocoee No. 2 Powerhouse. Brace in, paddle hard and enjoy because as soon as the hole releases you, there are two more drops before you are home free.

In 1993, Adventures Unlimited was started by Carlo and Julie Smith. Passion for the Ocoee River and outdoors drove this ambitious couple to plant roots on a patch of land and grow their rafting company. Over the years, Adventures Unlimited has blossomed into a well-known and respected resort that strives to provide a memorable adventure for each guest.

The Adventures Unlimited resort sits on 30 acres of landscaped property that surrounds a naturally wooded forest which adds a rustic element. Our primary focus of the operation is whitewater rafting; however, we offer lodging, paintball, and food services as well at the Bus Bar Grill. Lodging ranges from primitive tent camping, full hookup RV sites, bungalows, and large cabins. Paintball utilizes our outdoor wooded course that’s perfect for some messy fun. The RoadKill Smokehouse is famous for our barbeque plate with all the fixings as well as the gourmet lunch provided on the Full River Adventure.

At Adventures Unlimited, the goal is to offer an array of adventures that will please the first-timer, adrenaline junkie, or a mix between the two. We place emphasis on facilitating fun, safe, recreational outdoor activities and unlimited adventures!


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