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A Magical Mountain Getaway

Tucked away in the Tusquitee Ranger District of the Nantahala National Forest, a magical land exists- The Magical Mountain Resorts and Enchanted Forest Campground.

A part of the Magical Mountain Resorts, the Enchanted Forest Campground is exactly as you might imagine, a campground filled with your favorite magical themes and fairytales. From Alice’s White Bunny Cottage and the Red Queen’s Cottage to Snow White’s Cottage and Candy Cabin and the Sugar Shack, these colorful cabins are quite a change from the standard ones you find in the mountains.

Which is exactly what owner Mary Shannon Moore wanted; a unique experience and escape unlike anything else in the Appalachian Region.

When Mary Shannon found this 11.5 acre property for sale in rural North Carolina, she left her home and real estate business in South Florida, making the flight to tour this stunning property. Upon arrival, she was surprised with five broken down cabins and a main house in shambles. Yet, she knew she was able to do something incredible with it. Where others saw trash, she saw inconceivable potential.

“I want to do something different,” the phrase she repeated over and over throughout her planning process. From finding her first project in the MidKnight Bus-a 1955 double-decker Bristol Lodekka built in Scotland and serving as a shuttle and tour bus at Disney World and Savannah, Georgia-to creating giant mushrooms to embody her fairytale aesthetic, every decision Mary Shannon makes revolves around “something different, something unique.”

Although she opted for the unique, rather than the typical ‘Black Bear Cabins” you find scattered through the Smokies and Appalachian Region, all the important aspects people love about camping-relaxing environments, hiking, fishing, swimming, sailing or sitting by the campfire-are there.

As you enter the campground, you pass over the wooden bridge and a Certified Trout Stream-the perfect location for afternoon fishing. For a more tranquil activity, take a stroll past the Candy Cottage all the way down to the Caretaker’s Cottage to find a gorgeous waterfall.

If you are interested in booking a stay in the Enchanted Forest, or learning more about their rental properties, please visit or follow them on social media @magicalmountainresorts.



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