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Smart & Creative Ideas for Dog Homes

If you didn’t know, here’s a little something about me. Hi my name is Cajun, and I adore dogs!

You can see our little “Buddy” here with my son. He lives up to the name because ‘wherever I go, he goes’. If you don’t know where that’s from- then I am officially old!

Luckily every day is “bring your dog to work” day here at Hushh, and it brought about the conversation of design compromises you make once you bring a dog into your home (or office).

While our furry family members are one thousand percent worth it, I do think it takes some creativity to figure out how our homes can evolve to meet their needs- in terms of functionality, while maintaining a tolerable aesthetic. I thought it would be fun to share some smart and creative home ideas for those of you in the same situation as I am.

Keep reading through for cute puppies and some cool concepts!

Install a Pot Filler Above a Water Bowl

Sometimes it’s the simple concepts that make the biggest difference in terms of function.

We’re definitely planning to install a pot filler above the dogs’ water bowl when it comes time to renovate our laundry room. We loved having one above our espresso machine in our previous kitchen and I’ll forever be a fan of the time and spills it saves. Smart & simple!

Consider a Built-in Crate

If your dog is crate trained and requires a crate for their safety and comfort, I much prefer the look of something built-in or custom, as opposed to the wire options you find at big box stores.

It feels more intentional, is less noticeable, and can be built to meet the exact needs of your dog.

Turn Wasted Negative Space Into Functional Dog Space

Do you have a closet or area beneath a staircase with wasted space? I love seeing people turn these odd areas into space for their dog. Whether it’s a built-in bed, a tiny room with a small door, or just a nook for their dog to feel safe & cozy,. I adore these charming vignettes and excellent use of otherwise wasted square footage.

Think outside the box when it comes to doggy-doors! You can get creative with materials, scale, use of space, and function when it comes to pet access from the backyard to your home. There are some neat ideas floating around out there.

Buy or Build Dog-Friendly Furniture

Kim & Scott constructed a dog day bed with storage beneath it, in the corner of their room. I’m all about choosing materials that are dog friendly for our home, so the pups can lounge as they please. This also saves us from having to buy a dog bed for multiple rooms. They know what furniture they’re allowed on, and what is off limits… but let’s be real- pretty much nothing is off limits for our fur babies.

If you want to upgrade current furniture pieces you have, we absolutely can’t get enough of Rachel, owner of Knox Upholstery! Her work is impeccable- see for your self at

Designated Storage for Dog Food

Storage for your dog’s food doesn’t have to be boring! I bought these bins from the Container Store years ago then added name decals and they’re still what we use to keep dog food fresh and easily accessible.

I like having a specific cabinet for dog food, treats, and pet medications. I’ve also seen people install a hidden pull-out trash bin cabinet, and fill what would be the trash bin with dog food. I think that’s a very clever and convenient idea, as long as you can find a lid that seals!

Install a Dog Bath

Having a pet bath is definitely high on our home wish list when it comes time to renovate! Anyone who bathes their dogs regularly dreams of having this designated space!

I dream of having an elevated shower with a handheld spray, but any designated space sounds like an absolute dream. I’m positive it would be much easier to keep my Buddy clean! Muddy paws? No problem.

Mudrooms, garages, basements, and laundry rooms are the perfect areas to consider when designing a dog wash; these buffer zones between the outdoors and indoors generally allow homeowners to tie into existing plumbing, saving money.



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