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Weeds or Wildflowers? Which are they?! Are they one versus another? Is one right and one wrong? I guess it depends on a lot of factors.

If these are growing on a farm where cattle graze, they’re definitely considered a weed because the cows won’t eat them. If these are growing outside your door and you love them, then sure, they can be a pretty wildflower. One man’s weed is another man’s wildflower right?!

These little yellow flowers got me thinking about perspective and how everything is different for everyone. Life doesn’t fit in this one size fits all bubble and we as humans definitely aren’t one size fits all. You can’t be a wildflower to everyone and you definitely can’t be a weed to everyone too. So YOU DO YOU. I’m letting these little flowers teach me to stop people pleasing and just allow me to grow and do and live as the little wildflower I am. Other wildflowers can come along with me and the people who think we’re weeds can move along!

For once I’m just trying to embrace me. Stop comparing myself to others, stop worrying about other people’s paths and wondering if they should be mine. I’m just going to start doing my best, being me, and learning to grow to the best of my abilities. A few things I’ve really been working on and things that have helped me on this journey is by doing a lot of inward looking.

I’ve been on a serious path to really finding and focusing on things that light me up. Things that get me excited and make me feel creative and happy. That’s where I’m able to grow and be me. That’s where I’m most creative and have the most fun. So I wanted to share 5 mindset shifts I’ve been making that help me be a more positive person overall. Some of these help keep me rooted in my purpose and allow me to be the best me.

These little shifts are making all the difference right now and for that, I’m so thankful! I’d love to hear some of your favorite mindset shifts too! Check out my blog at

1) Instead of saying I have to do this, to I get to do this (this goes for work, my to-do list, my workouts and more!)
2) Instead of spending money on little things I don’t need, saving money for big things.
3) Instead of working more, working more timely.
4) Instead of planning everything, asking God to show me everything.
5) Instead of being obsessed with the outcome, be obsessed with the action.

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