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Rethinking Adoption Fundraising

Why the Empty Cup Pours its Net Profits Out in Adoption Grants

The Empty Cup

There are millions of children literally waiting to be adopted, and the number one reason why families don’t pursue adoption is money. That’s why we created The Empty Cup.

It’s a space where our community can come together and give what they have to offer a tangible way to support adoption. Churches are pouring in, local businesses are pouring in, families, artists, and professionals are all pouring in—all to benefit adoption. Every single one of us has something to offer.

Why is it called the Empty Cup? As the community pours into The Empty Cup by purchasing coffee, visiting the marketplace, or donating time, the coffeehouse will pour its net profit back out in the form of adoption grants. That’s why the cup stays empty.

The Empty Cup is a new kind of coffeehouse that is a gathering space with excellent coffee, local food, a market place, and live music. But it goes beyond that. The goal is to rethink how adoption fundraising is done. The Empty Cup will become a sustainable source for adoption fundraising. As people pour into The Empty Cup, they will pour back out to local families in the form of adoption grants.

Our advice? When thinking about adoption, talk with any and all adoption related agencies and people who have gone through the process. Seek out people who YOU feel comfortable with and have the expertise to walk with you step by step.

A great first step is to go to the Knox Area Foster Care and Adoption Ministries website. They can provide you with information about adoption agencies, services, support, attorneys, foster care PATH classes, and oh, so much more!


Knox Area Foster Care and Adoption Ministries mission is to encourage, equip, and connect people to make the gospel visible through adoption, foster, and kinship care rooted in the local church in the Knoxville, TN area.

They are an alliance of church and community foster care and adoption ministries and organizations that coordinate activities, share lessons learned, provide family support, and raise awareness of the needs of vulnerable children in our city. KAFCAM was started in 2014 and is currently made up of approximately 20 churches and 45 partner organizations. They have remained a strict alliance and is not a non-profit. It is important to us that we not compete for funding from local churches and partners.

If you want to learn more, we host quarterly Community Connection events. Each quarter we target one of our primary audiences (Faith Leaders, Post-Adoptive/Current Foster Families, Social Workers, and Prospective Foster and Adoptive Families) and provide an educational event specific to that audience. Sign up for updates on our website.

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