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Over the River and through the Woods

Whether you’re traveling to grandma’s house or just across town, here are some helpful items to pack or just keep in your car at all times.

• Driver’s License -Duh, I know! But, just in case

• Car Registration and Insurance Information

• Extra Car Key…not on the same key ring

• Phone Number(s) for Roadside Assistance

• Spare Tire…with a tire jack and tools

• Water Resistant Flashlight- coincidental that car trouble always happens at night, in the rain??

• Wiper Fluid, nobody likes a bugged out windshield

• Portable Gas Container…great peace of mind when the next gas station isn’t for a long time!

And don’t forget to these to keep you safe from snow and ice.

• Ice Scraper…not fun doing this by hand!

• Shovel

• Tire Chains - if needed in your area

Besides these road trip basics, whether your trip is long or short, solo or as a family, you’ll want to also have these things in the car.

• Car Phone Chargers

• Power Inverter with AC outlets and USB ports

• Hands-Free Phone Mount

• Portable Charger

• Garbage Bag

• Roll of Toilet Paper…not all rest stops are created equal

• Hand Sanitizer

• Body/Baby Wipes

• Umbrella

Let’s switch gears (couldn’t help myself!) away from the car and think about you and the other people on this road trip.

Keeping everyone in the car happy and relaxed is so important! Snacks, entertainment, and interesting sights won’t be of much help if you’re not comfortable. So, be sure to stock the car with these things you need for a road trip.

• Blanket or Sleeping Bag

• Travel Pillow

• Sunglasses

• Reusable Water Bottle

• Water (cheaper to carry with you than buy on the road)

• Pain Reliever…headache, body ache, etc.

• Chapstick

• Hand Lotion

• Towel(s)…sudden rainstorm, someone actually jumps in a lake, etc.

• Mints and/or Gum

• Snacks and/or sandwiches

From iSpy to the License Plate game to high-tech gear and gadgets, take your road trip entertainment as seriously as things to pack for a road trip! It can be an all-out sanity saver, especially for families with kids.

Unless you have satellite radio, you can almost bet you’ll lose a clear radio signal at least once on your drive. What’s more, you’re likely to go through stretches where only a couple of stations come through and the chances of them playing all your favorite songs are slim to forget about it.

This means it’s all about playlists! You’ll want to make sure there’s a variety of music that’ll keep the whole car happy.

Amazon Music and Spotify give you access to millions of songs that can be grouped into playlists and downloaded onto your device so you can listen without an Internet connection and/or save data from the road. Plus, both offer free trials, free plans, and even super cheap promotions for premium so you can test them out before your trip.

Don’t want to bother the whole car with whatever you’re listening to? Bring headphones and a splitter to share your music, podcast, or audiobook with only those who want it. And, no matter what you’re listening to take it with you with one of these portable speakers

And, whether you want to read in the car, around the campfire, or in your hotel room, save space in the car with a Kindle or download the Kindle App to any device. You can purchase a few books or try Kindle Unlimited free.

Of course, road trip must-haves aren’t all electronic. Non-electronic options are great for all-important laughs, memories, and bonding, not to mention how relaxing it can be to disconnect for a while! Consider these group and family activities to make the time on those long stretches of road fly!

• Loaded Questions…for family, friends

• Scavenger Hunt

• Mad Libs

• Travel Journals and Coloring

Contribution by Sage Scott of Everyday Wanderer


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