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LET'S TAKE IT OUTSIDE! Tennessee Valley Uncharted with Erick Backer & Aerial Nicole

Tennessee Valley Uncharted, the television show, highlights unique locations, techniques and traditions across the seven state region known as the Tennessee Valley. Watch as hosts Erick Baker and Aerial Nicole lead the way through breathtaking beauty, deep-rooted culture and heart-pounding adventure, mined from the outdoors of the Tennessee Valley.

Season Five kicks off in a few weeks and you can travel with Erick, Aerial and the Uncharted crew as they capture firsthand experiences. Along the way, you’ll meet fascinating folks, encounter wildlife, and explore the region’s many waterways.

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Tennessee Valley Uncharted is produced by Designsensory and PopFizz and can be seen on the Tennessee Valley Uncharted YouTube channel and weekly on PBS stations across the Tennessee Valley.


After touring in the name of music for years, Tennessee is calling him back where he belongs. He’s getting the opportunity to rediscover how great his home state is, one adventure at a time. With roots in West Tennessee and a home in East Tennessee, Erick believes our lives are full of uncharted places, and this show is about getting out and exploring those places because you never know where they may lead you. There is always something new to be learned or gained, and every day he uncovers a little more about himself.


Active and athletic, Aerial is now ready to try her hand at adventure. She has called the Midwest home for most of her life but over the last couple years, the Southeast has left its mark. She is excited to explore the Tennessee Valley, embark on new adventures and take you on this journey with her. She believes that being adventurous keeps life riveting. Aerial joined longtime host Erick Baker in season 4 as Tennessee Valley Uncharted pushes to discover what’s just beyond the borders of the state of Tennessee.


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