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Is my Dog Overweight?

Since you see your dog every day, you may not realize if they start to gain excess weight. Dogs with thick fur may also be hiding weight gain under their long coats. We have collated some signs that your dog may be overweight and what to do.

The best way to know if your dog is overweight is to stay up to date on their routine wellness appointments. Your veterinarian will measure your dog’s weight at each visit so they can monitor for any changes, compare it to your dog’s ideal weight range, and provide their professional diagnosis.  

Between wellness visits, there are some clear signs you can look for to get an idea of whether your dog is overweight: 

Feel your dog’s ribs. If your dog is at a healthy weight, you should be able to feel the ribs and there should not be a thick layer of fat covering these bones.

Your dog’s chest should be wider than the abdomen, and you’ll notice a significant tuck-up from chest to stomach. 

Overweight dogs may also walk a bit slower than they once did before, take more naps than usual, and may pant on your daily walks.  


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