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Holiday Decorating in Style

Contribution by Deborah Bitton |

Each year when planning my Christmas décor, I like to start with a theme, so to speak. I don’t want to spend a lot so I go through the items I currently have, then see how I can incorporate it into a slightly new look. Really, it’s all about thinking outside the box and looking at your décor in a whole new way.

Decorating for Christmas can be expensive and on top of buying gifts kinda it can put a strain on your budget. So I like to peruse Pinterest and Instagram for inspiration, think about what I already have and how I can use it differently such as switch out rooms, recreate unique color combinations etc.


This year I wanted a very naturals rustic look emphasizing on fresh greenery. I wanted it to look effortless and festive. I used a combination of greenery garland from Lynch Creek Farms, and the rest I foraged for in the woods near my home.

Using a few small nails in the trim, I wired the garland around the door way.

Then created easy urn arrangements by layering in the various greens around some birch sticks. Pinecones and berries finished it off.


My theme for inside was to focus mostly on greenery. Adding natural elements like berries and pine cones gave more texture. I decided to keep things neutral this year using white and black to coordinate and pop against all the greenery. Gold accents are added in various places to add some shimmer and elegance.

To create this look I used faux garland and stems to create an elegant and chic display. Another element I really focused on was the ambiance of warm lighting with battery operated candles and twinkling lights. I have them all set on timers so they come on at the perfect time, and I love how cozy it makes our home feel.


Since our main level is open concept, it’s important for me to keep things consistent and more simple. Otherwise it will look too messy and cluttered. I usually pinpoint anchor spots like the stairway, mantel and coffee table then let the tree be the main focus. The ornaments are simple and in line with the color scheme. I added the black ornament balls of various sizes this year and love the effect they gave the flocked tree. This year we put our main tree in a box and I love how it looks so unique and grand.

For the sofa and coffee tables, I used wood vessels to create arrangements with greenery and a little sparkle with some vintage gold ornaments.


The stairway has always been my favorite place to decorate. I added beautiful greenery with twinkle lights and some picks of eucalyptus and berries. I small forest of flocked naked trees are so sweet all lit up on the landing. This area can be seen from all areas of the house and they add more twinkle and shine.


This simple table scape falls in line with the rest of the theme using greenery, white and pretty black accents.


In the kitchen, I brought in pretty greenery for a whimsical look and added dimension with a big plaid ribbon on the chairs. This cute hoop wreath over the stove was an easy DIY.


This cute hot chocolate tray was so easy to put together and serves as pretty décor, too. I layered hot cocoa fixings in cute jars and added my Santa mugs and some pretty greenery. Aren’t these snowflake marshmallows cute?

Luckily you can find cute little Santa mugs for affordable prices, and what a cute way to add some Holiday fun?! This is a Santa Espresso Mug from Hobby Lobby for $3.99.

I also wanted a gingerbread house to add some “Home Sweet Home” vibes to the space. I kept it simple with white icing and added rosemary to dress it up. It’s sitting on a wood cake stand, and I sprinkled some faux snow around the base.


Do you decorate your bedroom for Christmas?

I never really used to; however, now that our bedroom is on the main floor and visible, I wanted to carry the décor and festive vibes into our bedroom. This year I wanted a super cozy and festive bedroom that also had a warm winter feel. The textured layers and monochromatic color scheme along with the twinkling lights gave this room just the vibe I was wishing for.

There are a few elements you need to create a cozy Christmas bedroom. I never really liked a lot of clutter in the bedroom, so I decided to create a more simple look instead of adding a bunch of décor. I wanted it to feel inviting and spa-like so we have a place to retreat and relax. Adding Christmas décor can be tricky if you don’t want it to look too busy. Here are my tips to accomplish this look.


Layering a variety of textiles and cozy pillows is one way to get the warm inviting look. Linen, with cable knit and cotton with a mix of pillows. Then wood tones all contribute to the textured. The quilt is a velvet, then I folded a linen duvet and laid a knit blanket to create the fluffy bed style. A soft patterned rug adds warmth and ties in all the textures together.


Keeping everything in the same color pallet creates a soothing tone. A variety of creams, taupe, warm gray and soft beige all work together to keep things soft and realizing. The pattern in the rug pulls all the colors together and completes the look.


Frosted stems, wreaths and garland keep things soft but festive looking. I hung a flocked wreath over the bed and tied the two spaces together by hanging two on the opposite fireplace wall around the light sconces. It looks so pretty to see the frosted greens reflect in the mirror.


I added battery operated candles, twinkle lights and vintage, glittered ornaments give a little sparkle and warmth . I love how cozy the room feels at night with the glow of the lights and the fire in the fireplace.

To warm up the frosted greenery, I complimented it all with soft, warm woods. The frame of the mirror, wood vases and bottle brush trees were the perfect accents to dress up the mantel.

It’s amazing the cozy vibes all these elements add to the room and I’m going to be sad when it’s time to take it all down. With the craziness of the season, I think it’s important to create a haven to relax and unwind.

This article was a contribution by Deborah Bitton of We do not own the rights to any o these photographs.



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