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Cycle Down The River

Last year, Knoxville introduced an exciting, fun attraction to the Downtown and Tennessee River area-Knoxville Cycleboats.

For those who are not familiar with this newfound activity, cycleboats are the cross between a bicycle and a boat ride. What started off as an electric boat ride for Chicago tourists in 2018, has grown into an interactive experience for families, friends in a brand new city with so much more room for growth.

Knoxville Cycleboats General Manager Richard Ludwig told HUshh the owner, Ron Silvia, were searching the US for their next boat venture by studying cities with calm rivers and great atmosphere. As Silvia was traveling through Knoxville with his family a few years ago, they absolutely fell in love. They saw so much potential in the Downtown Knoxville community and finally “pulled the trigger” last year.

One of the things that makes Knoxville Cycleboats so special is you can enjoy it with all your closest friends and family. A standard cycleboat holds up to 20 passengers, not including the captain; you even get to BYOD (bring your own drinks-yes, alcohol as well) and blast your favorite music.Each boat includes a built-in cooler to keep your drinks cool the entire ride and a restroom-just in case. Although the cycleboats have bicycle seats and petals to make the boat go faster, you can definitely sit back, enjoy the 90-120 minute ride with a cold drink and let the river do all the work.

The next thing that makes Knoxville Cycleboats so special is they don’t only have cycleboats. Beginning in May they welcomed a new type of boat to their fleet: The Luxury Duffy Boat. This cute little electric boat is perfect for intimate rides on the river. Able to seat up to 10 people, many choose this option for brunch, bachelor and bachelorette parties, or even wedding receptions. The Duffy includes a built-in cooler, just like the cycleboat; however, your party gets to drive the boat, further making this experience more enjoyable and intimate.

Ludwig stated, “You bring the closest people together in close proximity; [The Duffy is] a very intimate experience.”

He went on to say a lot of people, especially bridal parties, choose the Duffy for its comfortability. With lounge-like seating, a table and large cooler, guests are able to have a larger selection of food and drinks. Since 15% of rentals are for wedding-type reasons, many bring charcuterie boards, champagne and wine to celebrate and enjoy their day.

With this being the first full season of Knoxville Cycleboats, boats are scheduled to run the first week of April, first week of May for The Duffy, through the end of November; however, with East Tennessee’s unpredictable weather, that’s subject to change in the future.

Now that you know the logistics, you should know to party down the Tennessee River, you need to have great company-this is extremely essential. Both of these boat options would be perfect for everything from gameday in the fall, to a Bachelor or Bachelorette Party-the level of intimacy and exclusivity you want would definitely determine which boat you choose. Whether you’re celebrating love, new beginnings or the VOLS, if you bring the snacks and alcohol Knoxville Cycleboats will bring the boat and new opportunity.

If you’re wanting a 360 degree view of all that Tennessee River has to offer, including: UTK, Neyland Stadium and the beautiful colors of East Tennessee’s spring flora. There’s not a better way to spend time with the people you love and relax on the river than experience Downtown Knoxville in this new way.

We’ve partnered with Knoxville Cycleboats to giveaway ONE FREE two hour Luxury Duffy Boat ride. This offer is redeemable any day in May.

To enter the giveaway ‘like’ HUshh Magazine and Knoxville Cycleboats on Instagram and email HUshh ( your name.

*Terms and Conditions: Winners will be provided a promo code for a free 2-hour Duffy rental; Reservation must be made at; Renter must complete a liability waiver before arriving for their cruise; Renter must be 21 or older with a valid driver’s license; Reservation date and time can be changed with a 72 hour notice.


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