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Peace, Love & Pit bulls

I was first introduced to Fighting for the Bullys over a decade ago by a friend, Janelle Merry. She has been a long-time advocate for the Bullys and an empowering voice to help spread awareness for these four legged, lovable fur babies.

Fighting for the Bullys Rescue is a local Knoxville nonprofit, founded by Carla Welch in 2014, according to Nonprofit Facts. This incredible organization is made up of a fierce and determined army of individuals who have dedicated their hearts and souls to saving the beloved Bully breeds. They not only help our area but search shelters all along the East Coast that are in need of assistance and rescue Bullys from death row.

Since FFTB is run as a non-profit, they solely rely on donations and fundraisers to provide resources for their animals. Many of the organization’s rescues come in with a plethora of medical needs, especially those pulled out of unhealthy or abusive environments. Any pet owner understands that the expenses for these treatments add up very quickly.

By rescuing and rehabilitating pit bulls, FFTB is making the lovable bully breed more easily available for adoption. They are able to get to know the dogs and match them with the perfect family. This allows them to decrease the number of strays, open up room in other animal shelters, and provide dogs with their forever homes.

This organization’s mission helps to give pit bulls a fighting chance. They hope to raise awareness about the dogs’ “pure-awesomeness,” the good side of the breed that isn’t shared as often as the violent stereotypes. They aim to ensure these lovable, adoptable dogs get their second chance.

In 2016, FFTB saved a pit bull credited with saving a woman’s life in North Georgia. The pit bull named Hero saved a woman he did not know from a male attacker in Baldwin, Ga. Hero was stabbed five times in the fight. Luckily police took him to the Vet and FFTB took it from there. They covered all expenses of his care, found a foster family to nurse him back to health and helped him find a fantastic, loving fur-ever home.

While your monetary donation is very much appreciated, there are many other ways for you to help Fighting For the Bullys Pit Bull Rescue. FFTB has fairly limited space, so if you are an animal lover and want to give one of these dogs their second chance, please consider applying to foster or adopt. They have a page of available Bullys on or you can visit and follow them on Facebook.



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