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Make Your Bathroom Dreams Come True

The allure of a spa-style bathroom is something few homeowners can resist. Such bathrooms

can make for a welcome retreat after a long day at the office or an afternoon spent chasing kids around the yard.

But as appealing as such a sanctuary may seem, the cost of creating a luxury washroom is more than many homeowners’ budgets can withstand. Fortunately, a dream bathroom does not have to break the bank. In fact, there are several ways to make a bathroom worthy of the most comforting spa without stretching your budget.

* Install a wall-hung mirror.

If your idea of a luxury bathroom harkens back to a time before the advent of recessed medicine cabinets, then a wall-hung mirror can give the bathroom an entirely new feel without much of a financial commitment. Flush-mount mirrors need not require the services of a contractor, but they can provide a sense of elegance that recessed cabinets cannot.

* Replace bathroom countertops.

A countertop replacement job may sound expensive, but such an undertaking is not very costly in the washroom, where counter space is typically limited. Since the cost of countertop materials is by the square foot, you can replace bathroom surfaces for a relatively small amount of money. Granite countertops can be beautiful, but such surfaces do not create the warm feel that many prefer in a luxury bathroom. A material such as soapstone is warm and inexpensive and can quickly give the bathroom a new look.

* Embrace calm colors.

Painting the bathroom is another inexpensive way to give the room an entirely new look. If the walls of your washroom are currently a vibrant color, consider a more calming tone to give the room the luxurious and relaxing feel you’re aiming for. If your bathroom includes a clawfoot tub, you also can make it a two-tone tub to add a touch of relaxing elegance. Paint the tub’s exterior in a calming tone such as soft gray, and you will have transformed the washroom at little cost and even less effort.

* Transform your double vanity.

Many homeowners prefer a double vanity in their bathrooms, as such a setup allows both men and women the space to get ready for bed or work without getting in one another’s way. But instead of a traditional vanity with a counter between the sinks, consider installing matching pedestal sinks to surround an antique washstand. This can give the washroom a feel of antique luxury, and such washstands can found for a few hundred dollars.

* Replace old fixtures.

Though they are often overlooked, cabinet and door fixtures as well as towel racks can greatly influence the feel of a washroom. If the cabinet and drawer handles are old or outdated, replace them with more modern options. Such a job might be even more effective if you repaint or reface existing cabinetry. Neither task is terribly expensive, but both can give the washroom a more luxurious feel. The same goes for replacing old towel racks, which can be an eyesore if they’re especially dated.

Transforming a bathroom may seem like a significant and costly undertaking, but savvy homeowners can give their washrooms a new and luxurious look without spending much money.


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