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Delicious. Handmade. Coffee.

I had the idea for Pedal Java while daydreaming over a coffee break at my web development job. I had graduated from college and written code for the power company, the university, the hospital, and the non-profit. By all signs, I was in an upwardly mobile industry with tons of opportunities ahead of me. I got a job with a media agency who had scored projects with big name celebrities like Taylor Swift, Tim McGraw, Def Leppard, The Grammys and more. I was happy, successful and making good money, but I was always worried. I worried about those fancy contracts. I worried about my sales team who over-promised and under-charged. I worried about losing my job to a younger, smarter talent. And I wasn't alone. Most of my friends hated their jobs and dreaded the trip into work every day.

Pedal Java was born in a break room with small coffee gadgets and a desire for a better life. Within 2 months of starting the company, I transitioned from part-time to full-time. My business was growing, and I was overwhelmed with appreciation. I began taking the coffee bike to large offices in town through the week and local events on weekends. Within the first year, my wife started working part-time during large events. Our love for coffee fueled the energy and passion of the business.

Today, my wife and I both are living the coffee break lifestyle full time. You can find us at a variety of large office buildings in Knoxville, events in East Tennessee and beyond, or catering a great event or beautiful wedding. Follow us on Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter to find our daily locations! If you are interested in franchising Pedal Java in your town, contact us at


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