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Based on increasing understanding and popularity, we have seen an influx of CBD-infused products in the spa and skin care market. The reason?

There is scientific and anecdotal evidence that shows using quality products containing CBD helps to address our client’s main skin concerns: Aging, Acne, Pigment and Sensitivity.

“In each skin concern, we can identify an imbalance.”


Aging is a slowing of cell production compounded by lazy elastin and collagen production. With that slowing, there’s an opportunity for delinquent melanin to creep in and present as age spots and other signs of the regrettable “fun in the sun” had up to this point. Because the ECS is critically responsible for the life cycle of basal skin cells, encouraging the ECS with topically applied CBD will help regulate production of healthy, vibrant, radiant skin.


Acne can be the result of an over or underproduction of oil, an overproduction of skin cells, an imbalance of bacteria, or sometimes, the perfect storm of all three. Science has shown CBD works to regulate sebum production while calming irritated skin and protecting pigment from trauma. As well, sensitive skin can be a result of overstimulation. Acting as an anti-inflammatory, CBD begins to calm and then strengthen compromised, irritated skin.

This makes everything just right

“CBD can be a real power-house ingredient. It is an antioxidant, anti-inflammatory, and acts as an antibacterial, antitumoral and antimicrobial. Studies have shown it to regulate sebum production and melanogenesis while simultaneously regulating cell proliferation and differentiation. Currently, there are no known contraindications in using CBD-infused skin care. By adding CBD into your regimen, you will notice an emerging complexion that is clear, even and youthful.”

Here is an example of a complete CBD facial:


A cleanser infused with CBD excites the ECS and prepares it to receive messages from following product applications. Use an ultrasonic spatula to remove cleanser to get a head start in the following exfoliation process.


Whether mechanical or enzymatic, using a CBD-infused exfoliator provides an even removal of skin cells, while providing an anti-inflammatory property ensuring the skin stays calm and uncompromised.


Facial massage may seem like an obvious place to add CBD-infused products, but the analgesic and anti-inflammatory effects CBD provides will only work to enhance massage efficiency, thus increasing the experience.


A CBD-infused masque combined with active ingredients can be used for a variety of intentional purposes, from brightening to hydrating and even anti-aging. Because masque application sets for 8-15 minutes, this is an opportunity for CBD to really penetrate and work its magic.


A serum containing ingredients such as CBD, hyaluronic acid and firming peptides works universally to support healthy, vibrant skin and is great for most individuals.

Moisturize and Protect

A balancing moisturizer including or followed by a full-spectrum, physical sunscreen is the perfect way to complete this treatment. Look for CBD complimented with UV reparative agents (watermelon extract for example) complimented with Zinc or Titanium.

Whether you decide to incorporate CBD into your treatments now or later, you should take time to understand it. If you would like to learn more, contact Vivify Salon who can guide you through.


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